Program Overview

Mercuri Programme

This two-year Master’s program will focus on the critical nature of relations between customers and companies/brands. The program will familiarize students with the complexity of customer behaviors and their determinants; it will also explain rules, conditions and bases of making market decisions and strategies. It will also train students to undertake and manage different activities, aimed at developing successful and sustainable relationships with the company’s main stakeholders. As such, the program will allow students to have a broader perspective based on their better understanding of the customer and their relations with companies.

Students will get an in-depth, international level of teaching and practical training in European economics, management, marketing, consumer law, customer psychology, behavior, and research but also students will have the chance to develop soft skills in communication, inter-cultural management or leadership. They will be provided with the strong knowledge base and hands-on research experience needed for succeeding in careers such as customer relationship management, marketing, media, communications, advertising, consumer research, entrepreneurship and put it as the final word in the sentence, or public relations.


MERCURI will prepare professionals from diverse backgrounds for creative and analytical careers that involve and are based on the deeper understanding of modern markets with particular emphasis on modern consumers and their behaviors. These professionals should be able to help companies in designing and introducing more successful and sustainable marketing strategies, suitable for the present European environment.

  • The graduates can look for opportunities in  domains such as banking, finance, accounting, insurance, law, sales, marketing, IT or sectors such as manufacturing, management consulting, public sector, research and consulting worldwide.
  • Career possibilities include positions like Marketing Manager, Customer Scientist, Manager-Client Servicing, Customer Relationship Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Brand Content Manager

These managers will be able to:

  • Analyze and explain specific needs and preferences of contemporary consumers; understand their behaviors and decision-making processes (from information seeking to after sales evaluation) and identify factors determining the creation and the development of relations between consumers and companies or brands;
  • design and implement diverse types of marketing programs and actions to ensure that all stages of the relationship between consumers and the company are developed in an efficient and satisfactory way.